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What's Having Your Baby About?

If you're pregnant and you want to give birth but you don't know how you're going to make it through the pregnancy and the period afterwards, this book is for you. It's also for you if you're thinking about giving birth but haven't made up your mind yet. Is it possible for you to work through your problems and have your baby? What adjustments will you have to make? How can you make them? No matter what your problems, this online book will answer your questions and provide information that you probably never thought existed.

First Reactions


You will find on this site examples of women who became pregnant in situations that were less than ideal. Each of these women experienced a crisis pregnancy, one in which the mother encountered some type of hardship and had to act to resolve a problem. Uncertainty about what to do plagued these mothers. Their names, and some other details, have been changed to protect their privacy. If someone you know was in a situation similar to and has the same name as somebody described in one of the stories, it is purely coincidental. Every pregnant woman's name, without exception, was changed in this manuscript. However, if you are pregnant and are reading this book to help yourself decide what to do, you may be like at least one of the very real women in these examples.


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The panic is temporary.
The fear is temporary.
The crisis is temporary.
The days when you wake up thinking “how did I make such a huge mistake” are so few in retrospect.
You have nine months for all that, but then it gets good. Still difficult, don’t get me wrong, but so so good…
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