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Using Agencies


Agencies can provide much help. National headquarters can make local referrals. Know in advance what information you need from the agency. Call yourself or have  a local PREGNANCY AIDgency call for you. Do an internet search for prolife problem pregnancy help centers for referral to the PREGNANCY AIDgency nearest you.


If you reach voice mail, try calling again. Or leave a brief message, your name, and your phone number. Some agencies are open twenty-four hours; others are open days or evenings only.


Emailing works with many groups but, if you don’t receive a reply to an email, try phoning. If you must send a postal letter, always enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope for a reply. This is a courtesy and can also prompt a quicker response.




With a PREGNANCY AIDgency or other group, approach the following community agencies for financial aid, volunteer assistance, and donations of food, clothes, and other necessities.


* Churches, synagogues

* Councils of churches

* Prominent individuals, business people

* Businesses, corporations

* Campaign for Human Development, Lutheran Social Services, other fund drives

* Civic organizations, service clubs

* Knights of Columbus, Masons, Elks, Rotary, Lions, Business and Professional Women, JayCees, Junior Optimist, Junior League, Kiwanis, etc.

* Religious organizations, prayer groups

* Chamber of Commerce

* Youth groups, civic and religious

* Newspaper (for publicity)

* Self-help groups

* United Way


To locate community groups, refer to your telephone book or newspaper, or seek help from your friends, the town hall, or local bodies of worship.




Call your town hall for referral to government agencies offering assistance to needy women and their children. A PREGNANCY AIDgency can act as an advocate for you.




As discussed in Chapter Two, "PREGNANCY AIDgency" is a term coined for use in this book. It refers to the thousands of pregnancy help agencies that exist worldwide under a variety of names. To locate a local agency to help you, or to find a complete listing of PREGNANCY AIDgencies under their various names, consult Pregnancy Centers Online or do a search for prolife pregnancy help in your area.  

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